Hyrule Warriors Legends Review


I’ve never been a huge fan of Koei Tecmo’s Warriors games, mainly due to their repetitive nature. They’re usually fun for atleast a few hours, but after that I lose interest. I have a huge love of Zelda, however, and it turns out that may have been the perfect way to get me interested.

Hyrule Warriors tells a pretty basic story. A sorceress named Cia has brought several worlds from Zelda history together in the world of Hyrule Warriors, and Link, Zelda, and Impa are on a quest to set everything back to the way it was. It’s pretty barebones, but it gets the job done, and it makes for a lot of fun moments and interactions between characters from different Zelda games. Legends also adds in a new sidestory for Linkle, and I have certainly fallen in love with her character. She’s a southern girl who’s grown up being told by her grandma that she was destined to become the Hero of Legend, and her magic compass would guide her to that destiny. However, her awful sense of direction ends up simply leading absolutely everywhere except for her destination of Hyrule Castle. She’s a hilarious character, and a great addition to the already charming cast of fan favorites.

Speaking of, the immense amount of charm within this game is truly a treat for fans of the Zelda franchise. The amount of characters you can play as is enormous, and grows even further with DLC. Even new, original characters like Lana and Volga feel like perfect fits to throw into the mix. Being able to play as characters like Tingle and even a Cucco makes the game feel like much more fun than I ever anticipated it being, and I adore the effort put into making this an experience that Zelda fans won’t want to miss.

For a Warriors game, the gameplay manages vary itself much more than usual. The Legends mode is the main story mode of the game, and you will find yourself defending and taking over keeps and taking out large hordes of enemies until the main damage-sponge enemy reveals themselves and taking them out will end the level. It’s sometimes it’ll throw in some surprises, but this is the basic process you’ll find yourself getting used to. It ends up being really fun, but can certainly get old if you play too much of it at once. Free mode lets you play as any character that you’ve unlocked and take them through the scenarios of Legends mode. Adventure mode is where Hyrule Warriors really sets itself apart, as it takes what you’ve learned from Story mode and makes more bite-sized levels out of it. You’ll find these levels will have much more varied and interesting objectives for you to complete, and finishing the entire map of levels will earn you plenty of new weapons and even unlock some characters. It’s been my favorite mode to play in, and makes Hyrule Warriors Legends a perfect handheld title.

Overall, Hyrule Warriors Legends is a solid 3DS title. While the graphics aren’t the greatest, the game still succeeds in gameplay and charm. The Zelda fanservice shines through vividly, and I certainly enjoyed every second of it. If you’re not a fan of Zelda or Koei Tecmo’s Warriors though, you won’t find much to enjoy. The gameplay can be very repetitive, and much of the fanservice won’t be as enjoyable to you.



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