For Honor Open Beta Impressions


For Honor wasn’t a game that I really had high on my radar. I knew it was coming, but I didn’t think much of it. That was a big mistake.

For Honor’s multiplayer is a PVP brawler that feels a lot like playing a dueling-focused Dark Souls game, with a hint of Dynasty Warriors thrown in during the Dominion game mode. I didn’t expect much out of it, but it ends up being way more fun than it has any right to be. The combat requires all of your focus, paying attention to which direction your opponent is attacking or blocking from, and trying to confuse them and go for the kill. It ends up being a ton of fun, especially fun when you have some friends to play alongside with.

In the long run, there are two game types, 4v4 Dominion, and 4v4, 2v2. and 1v1 Elimination types. Elimination is exactly what it sounds like, each side will simply try to kill all players on the other team in a best of 5 format. It’s simple, but it works very well with the combat system of For Honor. The more interesting game mode, Dominion, puts two teams of 4 against each other to try and capture the 3 points on the map and get to 1000 points first. There are minions on each side that determine which team captures point B, but points A and C are entirely up to the players. It’s a very interesting system, and leads to many back-and-forth moments. Additionally, getting to 1000 points is not the only requisite to win. Upon hitting 1000 points, that team must eliminate the entire enemy team to actually win the game. This is my favorite part of the system, and it leads to some incredibly satisfying comebacks from the brink of defeat.

While I still have no idea what the single player campaign of For Honor has in store, this beta has gotten me insanely hooked on the multiplayer alone. I’ll still be waiting to purchase the game after release, but I will certainly be keeping it on my radar from now on. For Honor’s multiplayer is far more fun than I ever could have expected, and I’d love to add it to my collection in the future. For Honor will be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 14th, 2017. The Open Beta will be running until February 12th, be sure to get some time in and judge it for yourself!


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